In lieu of letters -- because first issues shouldn't have letters, should they -- I'm going to post some things folks in the zine world had to say about the first incarnation of the Whirligigzine.

John M. Peters of New Hope Internation Online Review wrote: "This is more like it. An oddball fanzine chock full with the weird, the wonderful and the downright bizarre!"

Matt Fagan in Xerography Debt #11 wrote: "I realize that many readers steer clear of fiction zines, whether from being burned by drivel in the past, or maybe that’s just not why they turn to zines in the first place. But there is fiction being written on the outskirts that is just as interesting as the confessional voices that draw so many people toward the underground to begin with. In my experience, THE WHIRLIGIG is a very reliable source for that fiction, and I encourage you all to take a chance on something a little different. I even read the poetry (which I usually skip over) and actually enjoyed some of it despite myself!"

Dr. Wred Fright, author of the zine novel The Pornographic Flabergasted Emus and the dissertation FROM ZINES TO EZINES: ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING AND THE LITERARY UNDERGROUND wrote: "Cool litzine featuring some neoBukowski fiction and poetry...Nice production job too!"

Michael Basinski, Assistant Curator, Poetry/Rare Books Collection of the University Libraries, SUNY Buffalo, in Zine Librarian wrote: "The Whirligig is the open backone of underground lit..."

Shakespeare wrote: "Thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges". Twelfth Night

Ezra Pound wrote: "The intellect is a very nice whirligig toy, but how people take it seriously is more than I can understand."

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