About Us 

Dorothy Thompson is Our Web Designer. She is a bi-lingual, bipolar, ambidextrous veteran of the Boston financial software industry who currently works in her pajamas in Vermont. Her addictions: digital photography, the web, and the stock market. Her needs: air, snow, and plant life. Through her business www.1-hour-website.com she helps artists, small businesses, and those with limited tech resources get their message out on the web. Contact her at dorothy@1-hour-website.com.

Rob Plath is The Whirligigzine's poetry editor. He has published hundreds of poems in well over one hundred magazines and journals in print and online. He has three books of poetry out: Ashtrays and Bulls (Liquid Paper Press 2003), An IV Bag Full Of Bile (Scintillating Publications 2007) and the recently published Whiskey and Clay (Pudding House Publications 2007), which can be ordered by contacting Jennifer at pudding house at info@puddinghouse.com. Rob has three books forthcoming in 2007/2008: Sour Milk For The Soulless (Cat Scan Press), My Soul Is A Broken Down Valise (Pooka Press) and Tapping Ashes In The Dark (Lummox Press). Rob once studied with Allen Ginsberg at Brooklyn College from '95-97 and performed on a spoken word CD "Northport Celebrates Jack" --a tribute to Jack Kerouac featuring David Amram. Being poetry editor here is his latest "gig".

J.D. Finch -- refering to himself now in the third person because he's the editor and he can if he feels like it -- has worked for northern New Jersey newspapers as a columnist, reporter and photographer. He's written on film for publications like Cinefantastique and Fangoria and on collectibles for Scott's Monthly, among others. Currently he writes a column for The Journal Of Antiques and Collectibles, published in Sturbridge Mass. His fiction has appeared on the Internet at nealpollack.com and pindeldyboz.com, eyeshot.net, and mcsweeneys.net and in print in national magazines. He once tweaked a well-known lit zine by publishing McStoney's, a parody bordering on hoax that has done nothing for the author's reputation, neither in these United States nor abroad.

Contact Us 
Send encouraging words to jdfinch@whirligigzine.com. Other messages accepted, but at a lower priority rate. Just remember: many are read, few are chosen.
Submission Guidelines 
We are looking for noir, erotica, slipstream, weird horror (Lovecraftian, for example), and "spirit of the Beats" to 10,000 words, though shorter is preferred. Also SF and modern psychological and occult fantasy; no enchanted sword/wizard/quest stories are desired at this time. Payment is low, but we do pay: $15.00 for short shorts and flash fiction, $25 for short stories. Payment for longer work -- novel excerpts, novellas -- is negotiable. One contributor copy also given. Poems in same genres as fiction are preferred, though all are considered. Payment $10 per poem, plus one copy. We require that work is previously unpublished. Work may appear on the Whirligigzine.com site, or in the print edition. An editor will contact authors of accepted material to discuss this before your work appears in one or the other. Submit via email, with your work either in the body of the email or as a Word attachment. Send to: jdfinch@whirligigzine.com. Please be patient: reading for issue 2 will start in early 2008.